Welcome to Sleep Education

This website is a comprehensive educational resource for K-12 grade administrators and teachers! The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has developed lessons and activities to generate interest in the study of sleep medicine and raise awareness of sleep disorders. Sleep is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and impacts our ability to perform in many aspects of life.

Using our expertise in the field of sleep and sleep disordered breathing, we've developed a series of free resources that encourage scientific inquiry. This includes comprehensive lesson plans, activities, assessment tools and presentations. 

Each lesson plan is complete with learning objectives, procedures, assessments and differentiation techniques. The lesson plans are cross-curricular, allowing teachers the flexibility to adapt and use the content in subject areas like language, arts, math, health and social studies. Lessons are categorized by grade level, and available in a downloadable, printer-friendly format.

Grade Levels: K-2 | 3-5 | 6-8 | 9-12

We invite you to explore Sleep Education and adapt our resources for your classrooms. We invite your feedback and we are grateful for your efforts in spreading the word about Sleep Education.